PanaceaStars is Panacea Innovation’s flagship vehicle for mining, de-risking, accelerating, growing and funding early-stage deep science companies. We maintain a core focus on supporting great innovators in their drive to develop proof-of-concepts from the earliest stages and proving they have what it takes to scale their ideas. We have established a dynamic and successful ecosystem for maximising the impact and returns of our portfolio companies, as well as shorten their gestation times and reduce burn rates.

who ?

  • The world is built by those who achieve the seemingly impossible, those that reach out for the stars.
  • We provide Early Stage capital and the complete toolkit for outstanding scientists, academics and entrepreneurs while introducing a pre-qualified deal flow for the investment community and a novel technologies pipeline for the industry.

what ?

  • .We help build deep science assets that have the potential to improve mankind’s life. No mediocrity. No triviality.
  • We accept applications from across all STEM areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through our BioStars, AIStars and TEMStars themes. Whether you have your own novel intellectual property (Open Stream), or you would like to develop a novel solution around our industry-proposed themes (Structured Stream), we first start by helping you de-risking your business, filling in the gaps in your team, validating your science, deciding on your next milestone(s) and kick-starting your venture. If the chemistry clicks, we then roll our sleeves up, invest in your venture, surround you with the best-in-class expertise and help you reach your next inflection point(s).


  • Our approach is transnationally focused, commercially aggressive and extremely ambitious.
  • We work with our startups from the conception of their innovation, know the teams inside out and keep ourselves surrounded by an extensive network of top-notch global expertise from across the research, industrial, financial, legal and auditing sectors.

when ?

  • We know that there is a gap in the ecosystem, and we are fixing it. It is never too early to approach us; as Early Stage founders you face specific challenges – PanaceaStars is tailor-made to help you tackle them.
  • We have an annual cycle; where startups join the accelerator to compete for the non-dilutive grand prize and de-risk their startups for 3 months. Shortlisted ones are invited to join the 8-month Elevator, where further seed investment and incubation are provided.

where ?

  • Innovation is borderless, and so is PanaceaStars.
  • We are happy to consider applications from across the globe, yet we expect you to attend a few key events as part of our Accelerator phase in person, and become at least partially resident as part of our Elevator phase (if applicable). The Elevator phase takes place in our UK based innovation centres, located at present in Oxford.
WE ARE THE GLOBE’S EARLY STAGE DEEP SCIENCE TRANSLATION AND INVESTMENT HOME. We work with the world’s best minds to kickstart and grow ideas into products that address real humankind needs via novel science and technology. We provide the complete toolkit of early stage investment, R&D, business support, mentorship, incubation and top-notch industry partnerships.