the elevator
what we offer
The elevator is Panaceastars’ seed investment and incubation phase. It is aimed at the best teams graduating from our accelerator programmes, or those who truly believe that their innovation is ready to yield a proof of concept. We believe that great founders deserve access to the best toolkit and should be provided with much more than the financial investment. The elevator is built with that mind. we are sci-entrepreneurs ourselves, and enjoy nothing more than rolling our sleeves up to help you in cutting through the noise and maintaining focus on what really matters to you.

Deep Science startups at their early stage within our areas of interest (BioStars, AIStars, TEMStars) that have a core team alongside a business plan with concrete milestones and the supporting preliminary scientific and market data in place. 

The purpose of the Elevator is to assist in the rapid acceleration of your company by maintaining core business focus, developing proprietary assets and delivering milestones. This process generates investment ready innovations and, as such, we prioritise founders who believe they can build their proof of concept, IP, preclinical asset, killer experiment and/or MVP within the PanaceaStars Elevator.

Seed investment

Starting at £50 000 in equity funding, provided by Panacea Ventures, plus £150 000 + in services and facilities.


Lab space and office space in Panacea Innovation Centre, in partnership with Oxford Science Park


A pipeline strategy tailored to your specific needs and supported by our outstanding cohort of mentors


A world-class consortium of R&D, financial, production, legal and regulatory collaborators that provide you with facilitated access to their expertise, and assist in building your company the right way from the start. This process guarantees accelerated and hassle-free growth of your company over both the short and long term.


A plethora of events and introductions to leading investors and corporates and a thriving sci-entrepreneurial environment, guaranteed nowhere else!

  • Our Package
  • Seed investment
  • Incubation
  • Mentorship
  • Partnerships
  • Community
  • How it works?
  • 6-month period
  • Minimum 4 weeks residency
  • Bi-weekly board meetings
  • Weekly executive discussions
  • Daily educational and social events

Shortlisted teams are invited to work alongside our in-house experts as well as our Champions (a group of handpicked private and corporate investors and seasoned senior executives who constitute the investment body of one or more of Panacea Ventures investment vehicles) through our accelerated due diligence process to determine their suitability.

Once an investment term sheet is agreed upon, teams are provided with access to our aforementioned package for a 6-month period to deliver their pre-agreed milestones. During that phase, all teams are required to become partially resident in our Panacea Innovation Centre (Oxford, UK) for a minimum period of 4 weeks, that includes two kickstart weeks at the beginning of the programme, and the rest subject to the team’s preference. Bi-weekly board meetings are conducted in person or via Skype, yet these must include a bi-monthly in-person meeting. Teams who prefer to become fully resident are fully welcome!


Towards the end of the Elevator phase, and if you have enjoyed working with us, further investment via Panacea Ventures will be made available if satisfactory progress is achieved. Furthermore, all our Elevator portfolio startups will be invited to a demo day to pitch to world-leading investors, a practice that you will become accustomed to from day one into the Elevator.

  • What’s after?
  • Demoday
  • Follow-on investment
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