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Bento Bio Explore DNA anywhere - for professionals, citizen scientists, makers, geeks and educators. Biotechnology is for everybody.
Aesis Therapeutics Anticancer drug candidates able to suppress nascent protein synthesis by targeting (post)-transcriptional control processes.
Aksion Aksion is developing a blockchain-based platform for private and secure management of genomic data.
Bioptimum Personalised biomaterial prediction tool: optimised multi-scale compatibility at implant-tissue interface.
EnantiOx Unique catalytic solutions for pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, providing chemistry services and valuable chemical products.
MicroSpray Technologies Ltd High-quality research tools to enable high-throughput production of particles and the microencapsulation of pharmacologic agents.
OpFix OpFix is a cheap, portable visual field test capable of detecting vision loss in low resource settings.
Parkure Ltd Parkure’s platform opens the door to the discovery of disease modifying drugs for Parkinson’s.
CortiCare A smart device for Personalised Hormonal Testing
Innersight Labs Ltd Innersight are a 3D Virtual Reality medtech company that reduces cancer treatment costs.
Hygea Salud y Nutrición Oncodieta is a health coach for oncological patients who cares about their nutrition.
HackScience HackScience accelerates research by automating manual lab processes in affordable and novel ways.
HyperC Efficient compound labelling solutions for preclinical in vivo MRI research & diagnostics.
OneTest Diagnostics OneTest Diagnostics’ novel method of monitoring cancer in real-time accelerates decision-making on choice of therapy
DISE INNOVATION Using 3D dynamic anatomical data with its associated physiological parameters to accurately diagnose sleep apnoea.
STiFoil A rapid, self-administered test for sexually-transmitted infections, fusing diagnosis and treatment into a single appointment.
Sonorapy Sonorapy is a novel soundwave medical diagnostic technology to detect diseases early and save lives.
RNAissance Therapeutics RNAisscance develops novel delivery modalities for RNAi therapeutics to address hard-to-treat diseases like glioblastoma.
Proximity Care An exciting and innovative wearable that will keep people living with dementia safer from wandering.
Swalife Biotech Topical chemotherapy which doesn’t kill normal cells and don’t make skin sensitivity to sunlight. Put directly to kill skin cancer cells.
RelaxBogen GmbH The RelaxBogen: A location-independent innovation to relax aching jaw muscles without medication or physiotherapy
M.A.S. Improve the quality of life of patients diagnosed with Parkinson's by developing a wearable device.
NG:Safe NG:Safe is a connected health technology which ensures correct placement of nasogastric feeding tubes.
SHI & CARTER Dental implant coatings designed specifically for demographics with poor bone quality, e.g. smokers, drinkers, and diabetics.
Advanced Retention Therapeutics Research Advanced 3D-printed Biologically Active Memory Assisting Gastroretentive "Days to Weeks" Controlled Release Drug Delivery Pill.
Walk With Path Walk With Path - Walk With Confidence
Accunea Real-time continuous monitoring platform for the early detection of acute kidney injury in post-operative patients
EnteroBiotix We are pioneers in an emerging field of science and medicine that is focused on harnessing the power of microbial communities to prevent and treat disease
MyndYou A day to day based analytics and care insights platform for improved cognitive care of older adults living with Alzheimer's and other types of Dementia .
Vigor Medical Technologies Ltd. Life saving C-Lant port for effective treatment of chest trauma and post operative drainage
IoQS Personalising asthma treatment using 21st century airway measurements
Creoto Limited Programmable smart socket for amputees, allowing them to customize their comfort through a smart phone.
Nanomedic Filled CNTs capped by a polymer are used to carry therapeutic medication within living organisms.
Motus Innovations Motus is the world’s most cost-effective rehabilitation solution to help stroke sufferers maximise recovery.
BioNC An innovative approach in developing natural cosmetics aimed at eliminating herpes infections related symptoms.
DrugID Translation of 4 novel small molecule treatments against infectious diseases
Pepper Biomarkers A computational pipeline software suite to improve biomarker discovery process
Prokarya Limited Harnessing a revolutionary DNA sequencing platform to improve public health using microbial source tracking
VisusNano Drug-eluting intraocular lens implant for patients undergoing cataract surgery.
InstaType Point-of-care blood group testing in the form of an adhesive skin patch.
MedEXO Robotics A fashionable, lightweight, portable, publicly affordable, multifunction exoskeleton for rehabilitation and the elderly people to improve their living standards.
Microbiology Anywhere A diagnostic point-of-care test to identify gonorrhoea and recommend the best antibiotic treatment.
DJS Antibodies Ltd A technology to discover therapeutic monoclonal antibodies against difficult targets called GPCRs.
NanoSyrinx Exploiting semi-synthetic nanosyringes for targeted and controlled drug delivery.
CellChip Microfluidic device mimicking a blood vessel to perform studies on cancer extravasation and drug testing
Hero Biotech Reducing side effects of current anti-epileptics via selective targeting of affected brain regions using nanoparticles.
angioClast Using unique biomarkers on cancer blood vessels to develop antibody-drug conjugates for glioblastoma multiforme treatment.
BabyLifeBox A low cost, cardboard baby incubator providing basic neonatal care for remote/developing areas.
Bay Therapeutics Modulating PRMT5 inhibition of p53 using nanotechnology and photonics to target cancer
BioMe Oxford Ltd An ingestible gut sampling device that enables cost-effective screening for microbiome-related diseases.
WE ARE THE GLOBE’S EARLY STAGE DEEP SCIENCE TRANSLATION AND INVESTMENT HOME. We work with the world’s best minds to kickstart and grow ideas into products that address real humankind needs via novel science and technology. We provide the complete toolkit of early stage investment, R&D, business support, mentorship, incubation and top-notch industry partnerships.