We are a special breed of scientists with an entrepreneurial aptitude. We enjoy nothing more than working with smart people, asking big questions and solving the grandest challenges. We are Panacea Innovation early stage acceleration and science translation arm. We proudly started and continue to operate from Oxford, united kingdom, at the beating heart of the world’s most promising deep science cluster. 

  • Mina Elisha Bekheet
    Chairman and Founder – Panacea Innovation
    A scientist; sunrise to sunset, an entrepreneur; sunset to sunrise. An optimist night owl, eyes wide open for the big picture, sky's the limit. Currently PhD @Oxford, previously MSc @UCL, 30Under30@Forbes, Innovation Consulting@Govs. Loves whiskey and politics, on the rocks. Found quite often around Squash courts, Football fields, heated arguments and charging points.
  • Ellie Price
    PanaceaStars Programme Director
    A young scientist, with a passion for biotechnology and innovation and a drive to find and educate a new generation of bio-entrepreneurs. PanaceaStars Programme Director @Pancea, DPhil @Oxford, funded by the British Heart Foundation, previously BSc @Bristol.
  • Hania Pavlou
    Head of Business Development
    Aspiring world changer, passionate scientist, devout problem solver, and self-declared food aficionado. Hania is an advocate of technological innovations in healthcare and of establishing a symbiosis between academia, biotech, pharma, and healthcare. Currently MRC Post-doc @Oxford, previously D.Phil. @Oxford. Motto in life is “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. Hania looks forward to changing the medical landscape one startup at a time.
  • Jack Parsons
    Business Development Lead
    A Biologist with a passion for tackling the global issues facing humanity. Dedicated to bringing disruptive innovations to the market, and translating academic research into societal impact. Business Development @Panacea, DPhil @Oxford, previously BSc @Manchester.
  • Irene Matucci
    Business Development Lead
    A scientist eager to make the bench-to-bedside translation become reality. Always looking for challenges. Always ready to take one on. Per aspera ad astra. Fond of sports of any sort, with dancing in the heart. Loves a beer and a laugh with friends. Currently PhD @ICR, previously MSci @GlasgowUniversity and @TheFrancisCrickInstitute.
  • Marc-Olivier Turgeon
    Structured Stream Lead
    Scientist in cancer metabolism, with a keen interest for translation of innovations into improved patient care. Currently PhD @ICR in London and completed MSc @McGill in Montreal. Driven and easy going, enjoys cooking and eating good food in good company. Ahead of the game and always ready to start new adventures and challenges. Enjoys music with a glass of wine.
  • Tirso Martin Sanchez
    Events Lead
    Always the youngest in the room. Currently BSc Psychology w/Education @UCL. Inspired by past experiences @MIT Sloan Business School & @Technion University I’m a strong believer in the power of entrepreneurship. Always curious, will be in Waterstones with a cappuccino and a highlighter if needed.
  • Natalia Perez-Campanero
    Portfolio Lead
    Eternal optimist, neuro-nerd, always curious. Combining biology & engineering in birds and drones. Passionate about creating impact through science, whether it be in the form of innovation & entrepreneurship or STEM outreach activities. Most often found out in nature, on a boat or on a yoga mat. Currently DPhil @Oxford.
  • Matthew Reid
    Scientific Lead
    Clinical Neuroscientist specialising in sleep medicine with a particular focus on psychiatric populations. Obsessed with evidence based medicine. Current DPhil @ University of Oxford, would prefer to be in the alps. Commonly found at altitude, compulsively checking his emails.
  • Stavroula Bitsi
    Ecosystem and Scouting Curator
    Scientist in Type 2 Diabetes research, passionate about health promotion and deep science innovation. Born in Greece, turned Londoner. Loves sports, especially tennis, and live music events. Currently PhD in Molecular Biology @The Royal Veterinary College, previously MSc @UCL.
  • Crystal Leung
    International Business Development Lead
    Switched tracks from finance/equity research to neuroscience. Currently MSc @Oxford, previously BSc in Economics & Finance @HKUST. Passionate about developing a thriving startup ecosystem for deep science. Forever curious and always dreaming. Treasures every bit of sunshine in the UK.
WE ARE THE GLOBE’S EARLY STAGE DEEP SCIENCE TRANSLATION AND INVESTMENT HOME. We work with the world’s best minds to kickstart and grow ideas into products that address real humankind needs via novel science and technology. We provide the complete toolkit of early stage investment, R&D, business support, mentorship, incubation and top-notch industry partnerships.