Our unique framework is designed to help exceptional founders overcome the challenges of translating scientific innovation into viable commercial assets.

There are 4 phases that take you from conception to successful commercialisation and beyond. Identify what stage you are at to decide which phases are right for you.

What stage are you at?

Pre-Idea Stage
  • Sci-entrepreneurial appetite
  • Very early stage idea or no idea yet
  • No business plan yet
Developmental stage
  • Early stage teams and individuals
  • Own early stage novel scientific approach
  • Preliminary supporting data
  • Sound provisional business plan
Growth stage
  • Established teams
  • Developing a proof of concept
  • Validated proprietary data
  • En route to market strategy

The Panacea Stars

Ideation Sessions

for Entrepreneurs at PRE-Idea Stage

We are constantly looking for the next big ideas, therefore, we organise different events all year round to interact with potential entrepreneurs and scientists.

  • Open-house
  • UK info sessions
  • International PanaceaStars Flash Pitch days
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for Entrepreneurs at PRE-Idea or development Stage

Through our themed projects, we provide two different approaches for academics and scientists with an entrepreneurial appetite to use their technical knowledge to build themed de novo ventures.

  • Themed intakes to match your own company’s alignment
  • Pre-proposed projects around our partners’ scientific assets
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for Entrepreneurs at Development and growth Stage

We help get your company in the best possible shape by testing your scientific proposition and refining the focus of your concept. This phase is designed as a competition in which you receive support from our extensive network.

  • £100K worth non-dilutive prize
  • Tailored 4D mentorship
  • World-class bootcamps, workshops and seminars.
  • Comprehensive networking
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Suitable for Growth Stage

Through our residency phase, we support the development of a cohesive and actionable plan for the growth of your company, while providing you with access to funding and relevant resources to implement this plan.

  • Seed/Post-seed capital
  • Wet lab and office space
  • Tailored scaffold of commercial service providers
  • In-house support and hands-on mentorship
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