Phase 03


Develop key milestones for your venture

We believe that great founders deserve access to the best toolkit and should be provided with much more than just financial investment.

Phase 3 -Grow is designed for early-stage founders who truly believe that their innovation is ready to yield a proof of concept. We leverage our in-house as well as our network’s knowledge to allow our founders to start developing their assets portfolio, and fast-track critical activities (i.e. IP, R&D, clinical regulatory, reimbursement, etc.) in order to reach relevant milestones.

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  • A validated business plan with route to market strategy, definitive reimbursement, exit scenarios, and a clear milestone plan to develop relevant proprietary asset(s)
  • At least one full-time founder
  • No more than £200K in previous dilutive funding
  • Deep Science ideas that fit within our relevant domains.

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  • Capital: starting at £100 000 in cash and services for 10-15% in equity
  • Space: access to wet lab and office space at the Oxford Science Park, one of the biggest innovation hubs in Europe.
  • Mentorship: a pipeline strategy tailored to your specific needs and supported by our outstanding cohort of mentors and in-house Portfolio Managers
  • Technology Translation Services: a tailored development plan, focused on reaching the agreed milestones, delivered through an ecosystem of discounted services from our network of service providers. Services can include, among others:
    • Advanced R&D and high throughput screening
    • Molecular design tools and synthesis approaches
    • Clinical trials and regulatory
    • Design and prototyping for commercialisation
    • Piloting and scaling-up to pre-production and transfer to manufacture
    • AI and digital alpha, beta and MVP
    • Route to market and reimbursement schemes
    • Legal and business management consulting
    • Finance and accounting
    • Grant writing, pitching, marketing and soft skills coaching
  • Community: a plethora of events and introductions to leading investors and corporates and a thriving sci-entrepreneurial environment, guaranteed nowhere else!

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Phase Structure

Shortlisted companies are invited to work along our Champions and PMs throughout a comprehensive due diligence phase, which, upon the right alignment, is to be concluded with an offer for investment package along with an agreement with expected milestones to be delivered.

Running over 8 months, founders are then invited to work alongside our in-house experts as well as our Champions to make the most of their offered package and help delivering their milestones.

Week 01 -Day 1
Intake Event

Initial event where all teams are invited to the space to meet mentors, service providers and fellow founders.

PHASE 03 — DURATION: 2-4 days
Kickstart week

Initial week where founders work closely with mentors and our team to test their business model and define relevant milestones.

6 months
Residency period

An in-house residency period, where founders will develop their proof-of-concept or next inflection point, supported by regular progress meetings, in-house events and collaborative work.

1 Day
Demo day

All participating startups will be invited to a demo day to pitch to world-leading investors.

Key Information


10-15%, subject to agreement on a case by case


8 months


Open call ALL year round




Starting at £100K+ in cash and services


Panacea Innovation Centre at the Oxford Science Park


No, yet we would highly encourage you to do so. Develop is designed to provide us with more information about your team, your science and your business plan to make us more comfortable investing into your company, while making sure that your venture is getting into the best possible shape before joining Grow. Plus, who would skip having access to free top-notch mentorship and the possibility of winning a prize £100K!

No, all teams are required to become partially resident in our Panacea Innovation Centre (Oxford, UK) for a minimum period of 4 weeks, that includes two kickstart weeks at the beginning, and the rest subject to the team’s preference. Progress meetings are conducted in person or via Skype, yet these must include a bi-monthly in-person meeting. Teams who prefer to become fully resident are welcome!

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